Ch. I: At the Zoo During a Pandemic

First 6 pages of a brand new chapter, which notes the beginning of the Pandemic, while focusing mostly on Aspie Mouse’s interaction with a variety of zoo animals. An outline of the rest of this chapter follows the first 6 pages. Currently planned to be the last chapter of the Graphic Novel, but it’s expected more chapters will follow (for a second volume?), which will likely show changes after the pandemic when appropriate. Note: Aspie Mouse’s sister E flat will be introduced (or re-introduced if Chapter B is expanded to show a little of his life prior to getting kicked out of the nest) in Chapter G, as the last of the “visitors.”

This Chapter I is expected to be one of the longest chapters if not the longest. In general, this chapter, like the one before it (old J, now H) has a panels with a lot more action, and a lot fewer words, than prior chapters such as C & D.

Synopsis of plan for rest of this chapter: Aspie Mouse gets his mask swiped and played with (then HE gets played with!) on Monkey Island. He tries each of the four “feline” buildings, finding small house-cat-like cats, then bobcats, then foxes, and finally the large cats (leopards, tigers and lions); he has his mask ripped off his face and is mask-less thereafter. He tries to find his sister, but gets lost & encounters (at least some of) the following (depending on how long chapter is getting): snakes; camels, giraffes, elephants; birds of prey & coyotes/ wolves. He finally finds E flat (his sister), and together they finish their visit with other land rodents that they can talk with (as he did with bats) — even helping Guinea Pigs get a coveted treat.

One comment

  1. Woohoo! Aspie Mouse is such a well-defined character. It’s like you know him or something. 😀
    Love the illustration on the bottom of I4.


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