Ch. I: At the Zoo During a Pandemic (1st 6 pp. and last page)

First 6 pages — and very last page — of a brand new chapter, which notes the beginning of the Pandemic, while focusing mostly on Aspie Mouse’s interaction with a variety of zoo animals. An outline of the rest of this chapter follows the first 6 pages. Currently planned to be the last chapter of the Graphic Novel. However, more chapters will follow for a hoped-for second volume (“The Further Adventures of Aspie Mouse?”), which will likely show changes after the pandemic when appropriate. Note: Aspie Mouse’s sister E-flat will be introduced in Chapter B, brought back in Chapter G, as the last of the “visitors,” and then continue to appear in H & here, I.

This Chapter I is expected to be one of the longest chapters if not the longest. In general, this chapter, like the one before it (old J, now H) has a panels with a lot more action, and a lot fewer words, than prior chapters such as C & D.

Synopsis of plan for rest of this chapter: Aspie Mouse gets his mask swiped and played with (then HE gets played with!) on Monkey Island. He tries each of the four “feline” buildings, first finding large cats (leopards, tigers and lions); then bobcats, then foxes, and finally smaller house-cat-like cats; he has his mask ripped off his face and is mask-less thereafter. He tries to find his sister, but gets lost & encounters (at least some of) the following (depending on how long chapter is getting): snakes (where he “rescues” other mice from being used as snake food from two zookeepers); camels, giraffes, elephants; birds of prey & coyotes/ wolves. He finally finds E-flat (his sister), and together they finish their visit with other land rodents that they can talk with (as he did with bats) — even helping Guinea Pigs get coveted treats that grow naturally out of reach (dandelion greens & clover). Just as they’re about to split to go to their respective houses, E-flat mentions a rumor that AM’s former family is looking for him, which leaves him confused (Helps make folks eager to read the sequel, as well as wrapping up — at least in theory — some unresolved threads!).

One comment

  1. Woohoo! Aspie Mouse is such a well-defined character. It’s like you know him or something. 😀
    Love the illustration on the bottom of I4.


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