Ch. H: New House, New Cat, New “Nay”bors (New Ch. A expanded and put in context: major revision due)

The pre-revision Chapter J (now H) was the first chapter written after the author resurrected a decades-old comic character as the Autistic star of a new graphic novel. It was always meant to be a later chapter sequentially. But by having more action and pictures relative to words — and being just a story showing Aspie Mouse’s Autistic traits in action and minimizing “teachable moments” — it always seemed to work best as an introductory chapter. So very late in the process (on the verge of submitting this material to an agent for publication), the Author decided to use this material TWICE: first, mostly as it is or was as a new Chapter A (pushing the former Chapter A to become Chapter Pre-A, since it’s really a Preface anyway!); and then using the same panels, but adding in a new sub-plot involving four neighborhood mouse “brothers” that aren’t very welcoming to Aspie Mouse — which shows the material in this chapter in context (sequenced properly) — and adding in those teachable moments previously lacking. Meanwhile, the old Chapter H (ex-J) is pretty much left alone (other than a face-lift)as Chapter A, the first “real” chapter. Short-term, only the first page has received a facelift (9/302020)

Notes for Chapter H, “New House, New Cat, New ‘Nay’bors”

As noted above, the original Chapter H (ex-J) has been kept mostly as is except for getting an art and design facelift, and moved to the front as the new Chapter A. While all panels from Chapter A will be re-used in Chapter H, a whole new sub-plot — Aspie Mouse confronting four brother mice — is being added to give more opportunities to show AM’s social interaction issues with peers.

So now, after Aspie Mouse moves into his new home & finds the cat sleeping, he goes out into his new neighborhood seeking an extension cord. He meets four mouse brothers that make fun of him for being gray, not brown; call him names implying he’s stupid; then razz him for his education and his inability to read their names. Finally, AM finds a way to outwit a bully rat that’s been terrorizing the four brothers, which changes their attitude toward AM. Then AM returns home, finds the cat asleep again when the home-owner woman decides to go to bed early. That’s when AM decides to “push the envelope” with the cat just as in the original plot (and as in Ch.A). A couple of new wrinkles are added near the end with AM’s sister and the four brothers that aren’t in Chapter A.

Notes and Questions have begun; more will be added. Question H 1, while based on material from the early “new house” material also occurring in Chapter A, could not be asked after only reading Chapter A. The reader would have no context. One would have to have read Chapters C-G, at least in part, to be able to answer Question H 1.

Questions for Thought/ Discussion: Ch H, “A New House, a New Cat

H 1: After enjoying his time with the Coppola’s, Aspie Mouse moves to a new home.

a. What does Aspie Mouse like about his new home vs. his old one? Dislike?

b. Have you ever moved to a new place during your life? (Or do you know someone who has — perhaps a friend who moved away, or a new friend who moved in?)

c. How did you feel before, during and after a move? How long did it take for you to consider the new place as “home” (or did you never accept the new place)? If you haven’t moved, did you ever wish you did?

d. What would you like to have in your own place that you’ve not had in any home you’ve lived in?

H 2:

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