Ch. G: Parade of Visitors: Feline, Canine, Rodentine and Humine (1st page)

Chapter G (Parade of Visitors) shows the first page of a planned 25-30 pages, bringing back 10 characters in 6 “segments” from or mentioned in prior chapters: Exterminator & ASPCA cat; Hashtag; #83; DeShawn with Emma (dog); 2 other cats (Brilli and Klumsy Kat); and 2 of AM’s siblings, D & E.

Notes for Chapter G, “Parade of Visitors: Feline, Canine, Rodentine & Humine”

As with prior Chapters D, E & F, Chapter G’s “Parade of Visitors” concept goes back to the author’s childhood, when he wrote such a chapter for Aspie Mouse’s forebear, Stupid Mouse. However, since the characters Aspie Mouse has met in the current “Adventures” Graphic Novel are quite different from the characters his forebear had met by this point in the earlier comic’s series, Chapter G’s plotline is all-new.

For now, there is just a single page written for this chapter, wherein the cat the Exterminator adopted from ASPCA to get rid of Aspie Mouse in Ch. D is returned to the house, much to the horror of the Coppola family.  Yet when it becomes obvious that this “fierce tomcat” is even more afraid of the Exterminator than he is of being in the house (he refuses to come out of his cage), Mrs. Coppola takes pity on the animal and agrees to find it a home, as long as the Exterminator pays the costs plus.

The next visitor is Hashtag from Ch. B, who Aspie Mouse still has (confused) feelings toward. While she’s visiting, #83 (from Ch’s C-F) comes by and is upset, seeing Hashtag as a rival. Hashtag departs, still unsure what, if any intimate or even friendship relationships she wants.

Next is DeShawn (first time seen) with Emma (the dog from Ch. E), explaining how Emma’s no longer a therapy dog, so she’s now everyone’s “house pet.” No one’s upset, though, as Desiree is thriving since her summer nights at the Coppola’s.

Following them, AM’s brother D (now D2) comes seeking help from AM for a medical issue, due to their shared ancestry. Their obvious lifestyle choice differences — D2 conforming to what others want, while AM follows his heart — are almost painful to witness.

That’s followed by overlapping visits of both Brilli and Klumsy Kat. While Klumsy Kat pretends to buy into Brilli’s plans to get rid of Aspie Mouse, her “clumsiness” at just the right times thwarts Brilli’s plans. Having two cats in the house results in a major allergic reaction by Claire Coppola (who started sneezing in Ch. F with Klumsy Kat, and then sniffled again during Brilli and even Emma’s visit earlier in this chapter), leading to a total ban of cats from the house.

Finally, AM’s sister E (now E-flat, a singer!) comes by, hears that AM both needs and wants to move — Mrs. Coppola suspects Claire’s allergy is now to ALL furry animals), and vows to find AM another home. Before she leaves, #83 returns, this time resolved to leave her partner for AM. Seeing yet ANOTHER female mouse visiting — and unwilling to hear any explanation — #83 vows that she is through with Aspie Mouse!

Total of 6 “segments” and 10 visitors.

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