Ch. G: Parade of Visitors: Feline, Canine, Rodentine and Humine (1st 6 pp 2/12, pp 7-10 2/22/2021)

Chapter G (Parade of Visitors) shows the first 10 pages of a planned 30 pages or so, bringing back 10 characters from or mentioned in prior chapters in 6 “segments”: Exterminator & the ASPCA “alley cat”; Hashtag; #83; DeShawn with Emma (dog); 2 other cats (Brilli and Klumsy/ Kind Kat); and 2 of AM’s siblings, D & E. After an emotional climax involving Brilli and KK, Aspie Mouse needs to find a new home.

Notes for Chapter G, “Parade of Visitors: Feline, Canine, Rodentine & Humine”

As with prior Chapters D, E & F, Chapter G’s “Parade of Visitors” concept goes back to the author’s childhood, when he wrote such a chapter for Aspie Mouse’s forebear, Stupid Mouse. However, since the characters Aspie Mouse has met in the current “Adventures” Graphic Novel are mostly different from the characters his forebear had met by this point in the earlier comic’s series, Chapter G’s plot line is all-new.

As of 2/23/2021, the first two of the six segments have now been completed, though there’s one “transition” panel left, ending segment two and starting segment three, which will go at the top of page 11. In the first segment, the cat the Exterminator adopted from ASPCA to get rid of Aspie Mouse in Ch. D is returned to the house, much to the horror of the Coppola family.  Yet when it becomes obvious that this “fierce tomcat” is even more afraid of the Exterminator than he is of being in the house (he refuses to come out of his cage), Mrs. Coppola takes pity on the animal and agrees to find it a different home for him. However, she insists the Exterminator pay a steep price for his prior deceptions, as suggested by Aspie Mouse: he must pretend to exterminate the mice next door, but really not harm them, or Mrs. Coppola will ruin his reputation.

The next visitor (segment two) is AM’s brother D (now D2), who comes as a trained mouse doctor with even grander ambitions: he’s a prince in a vast mouse kingdom, seeking to become king. But he comes hoping AM can help him deal with a personal medical issue — due to their shared ancestry — that untreated will keep brother D2 from realizing his dreams. Their obvious lifestyle choice differences — D2 being serious, ambitious and doing what others want him to do, while AM follows his heart and seeks to play — make for a notable contrast.

Next is DeShawn (Desiree’s brother, who appeared in just one panel previously, in Chapter E) with Emma (the dog from Ch. E), explaining how Emma’s evolved from a therapy dog to a “house pet.” No one’s upset, though, as Desiree is thriving since her summer nights at the Coppola’s: she still has her struggles, and still needs the support services her IEP at school mandates, but she’s OK with Emma just being a dog that plays, no longer needing her for “therapy.”

Following them, along comes Hashtag from Ch. B, toward whom Aspie Mouse still has (confused) feelings. While she’s visiting, #83 (from Ch’s C-F) comes by and is upset, seeing Hashtag as a rival. Hashtag departs, still unsure what, if any intimate or even friendship relationships she wants.

That’s followed by KK’s return — much to first the consternation of Bobby & Claire when they find out where she’s been, and then joy when she comes back — overlapped by the return of Brilli. While KK pretends to buy into Brilli’s plans to get rid of Aspie Mouse, her “clumsiness” at just the right times thwarts Brilli’s plans. Brilli, furious, decides to lure KK to her death by getting her run over by a car — until flashbacks intervene. Claire Coppola’s constant sneezing while these two cats are there leads Mrs. Coppola to insist on a total ban of cats — and then all furry creatures — from the house.

Finally, AM’s sister E (now E-flat, a singer!) comes by just as the street scene climax with Brilli and KK occurs. When she hears that AM now both needs to and wants to move, she vows to find AM another home. Meanwhile, #83 returns, this time resolved to leave her partner for AM. Seeing yet ANOTHER female mouse visiting (E-flat) — and unwilling to hear any explanation — #83 vows that she is through with Aspie Mouse, and says she’ll seek another place to live so she can start over again.

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