Highlight: With all 9 content chapters now complete — pending a few final tweaks — the author is almost ready for formal publication. First though, Ch. Pre-A – the Preface – gets a total makeover: the new emphasis is on how Autistic characters in this graphic novel show their positive side through 27 common characteristics of Autism. These 27 traits are introduced on page Pre-A 8, and then are repeated at the beginning of each Question set for Chapters A-I. When these Adventures are formally published, these questions will appear as a separate section online or in back of the book: in this blog, they follow each chapter’s panels. The old preface is remaining intact for the time being for comparison with new one. Comments as to which preface you prefer, how to shorten the new one, etc. would be most welcomed! Meanwhile, as Chapters A-I receive their final tweaks (panels and questions/ notes), they will replace Pre-A as the “Featured” chapter. Currently, only Chapter I’s panels have been finalized; its questions & notes have not; so Pre-A is still featured. After all 9 “action” chapters are finalized, Pre-A will get one last overhaul based on feedback (likely shortened quite a bit).

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