Highlight: In order to get some of the “Adventures of Aspie Mouse” published in 2023, the author just decided to break what was intended as a single volume of 10 chapters (9 “action”) into three parts: Ch’s. Pre-A, A, B, C & D will publish first as Part I; then Ch’s. E, F, G & H will be in Part II; and 3 new chapters (J, K, L) will be added to the current Ch. I to form Part III. Why add 3 new chapters? Primarily, it’s to add new characters to represent other aspects of Autism. Ch. Pre-A – the Preface – was already overhauled to explain how Autistic characters in this graphic novel – especially, but not only Aspie Mouse – exhibit 27 common traits of Autism (admittedly an arbitrary number), emphasizing their positive aspects. Chapter C, the third chapter in final form, is now featured. Once the last of Vol. I’s “action” chapters (Ch. D) gets its final makeover, it will take Ch. C’s place. Meanwhile, Ch. Pre-A will be revised & shortened, based on your feedback!

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